History of Padgett

“Dependability was a critical factor for me.
Padgett has far exceeded all my expectations.”
-Padgett Client
In 1965, Walter Padgett had a vision. As a small business owner in rural Athens, Georgia, he witnessed local business owners struggling with the financial aspects of running their own companies. His solution? Create a financial services company focused on helping small business owners thrive more in business. Over the years, that vision became Padgett Business Services® and its parent company, SmallBizPros, Inc.Today, that original vision is still driving Padgett to be the leader in an industry it founded 40 years ago. With a network of over 400 offices in the United States and Canada, Padgett is one of the largest privately-owned small business services firms in the country. Thousands of small business owners rely on Padgett for a wide array of business services – from their basic bookkeeping needs, tax planning and preparation, government compliance, payroll services, general business consulting and more.
Our History
1966     The company began as Padgett Business Services® in Athens GA, to assist small business owners with their bookkeeping and tax needs. Padgett quickly distinguished itself by using a proprietary-designed bookkeeping system created especially for the small business sector.
1975      The company grew rapidly in the Georgia market and after significant growth for several years, entered into the franchising arena.
1987      Having established numerous franchises throughout the United States, Padgett crossed the border and opened the first Canadian franchise.
1994      Scott Hull started the Dayton franchise with 15 years of accounting experience.
1996      Padgett began working in Washington, DC with appearances before the U.S. Senate and House to testify on behalf of small business owners. With so much pending legislation in Washington that was so important to Padgett clients, The Padgett Foundation was born two years later.
1999      Recognizing that the small business sector was not serviced properly by the payroll industry, we initiated PayTrak Payroll Services® – now powered by a nationally recognized payroll partner.
2002   The corporate name of the company officially changed to SmallBizPros, Inc. in order to more accurately reflect who we are: the Small Business Experts. Our local offices continue to operate as Padgett Business Services®.
2013     Today there are over 400 Padgett Business Services® offices in the United States and Canada. We continue to expand throughout the U.S. and Canada.
2017    Padgett Business Services® has celebrated over 50 years of helping Small Business clients in the United States and continue to grow and tailor to small business needs. We help to keep you up to date and in compliance with continuously changing tax laws.